New Algarve dog breed about to be officially recognised

The Algarve’s Barrocal Algarvio breed of dog is about to be officially recognised by Portugal’s veterinary authority (DGAV).

Media reports suggest it’s just a matter of time before the energetic breed that became all but extinct back in the 60s enjoys new pride of place as both a working dogs, and very gentle companions.

Moves to promote the breed began 15 years ago, when there were only 20-30 dogs left. Today, there are over 1,500, writes Publico.

Barrocal Algarvio dogs are medium-sized, with smooth fur and a sickle tail.

“They’re natural hunters,” José Afonso Correia of the ACCBA association behind the breeding initiative told Público, “especially for rabbits”.

Since the foundation of the ACCBA, the dogs have been presented at fairs and shows up and down the country, and even distributed among hunters free to promote numbers.