New alcohol law limits teens from July 1

With effect from next Wednesday (July 1), the new alcohol law outlawing drinking by under-18s kicks in, making it an offence to “supply (…) sell, or with commercial objectives, make alcoholic drinks available in public places” to minors.

This new legislation overrides the ‘grey area’ in the still current law, which allows the sale of beer, wine and non-spirit drinks to teenagers over the age of 16.

In order to enforce the new law, establishments will be encouraged to ask to see young people’s ID.

As for checking that the law is complied with, this job remains with ASAE, with the support of the PSP and GNR police.

Anyone caught breaking the new alcohol law faces fines from €500 to €30,000.

National media has explained, this new set of rules has come as a result of scientific studies that show “experimentation with alcohol is coming earlier and earlier in children” and that “the younger the age, the greater the likelihood of alcohol dependence in the future”.

Explains Lusa news agency: “The government justifies the need for “better measure of protection for minors”… “not so much to sanction or penalise behaviour but to minimise consumption by adolescents in a progressive way”.

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