New ‘738km’ roundabout welcomes EN2 travellers in Faro

A new roundabout made from Portugal’s iconic ‘calçada’ cobblestone that marks the 738th and final kilometre of the national EN2 road is nearly completed in Faro.

The new elevated structure was built to ease traffic in the area but also to welcome EN2 travellers arriving in the town, thus the decision to have the number “738” on it. The original 738 milestone has also been placed on the roundabout.

While the timing might not be the best with the country currently in lockdown due to the coronavirus pandemic, hopes are that in future the roundabout will provide added incentive for people to visit the town whilst also providing those who have travelled the entirety of the road with a sense of accomplishment when they arrive in Faro.

The EN2 road is a 738km road linking Chaves in the north of Portugal to Faro in the south. Recently, there have been attempts to promote it as the European version of USA’s famous Route 66.