New 300-space carpark to be built at Lagoa’s Praia da Marinha

Parking at Lagoa’s idyllic Marinha beach could become much easier next summer as the local council has announced plans to build a 300-space free carpark on a private patch of land near the beach.

Construction is due to begin this year with the goal being to have the carpark up and running by next summer.

The €450,000 project also involves renovating the road that gives access to the beach and building a footpath for pedestrians.

Lagos council confirmed that the launch of a public tender for the works was unanimously approved by the municipal assembly on August 28. A protocol granting council authorisation to build the car park has already been signed with the owner of the land.

Like at many of Lagoa’s beaches, the parking situation at Marinha has been troublesome for some time.

The local council has tried to keep the situation under control, prohibiting cars from parking along the roads that give access to the beach. The goal was to avoid bottlenecks and to keep traffic flowing, but often it reached a snail’s pace during the summer months particularly in August.

The beach has become world famous over the last years.

In 2015, it was named one of the “best beaches in Europe” by online portal ‘European Best Destinations’. A year before, it had been included in a list of the world’s “20 Most Stunning Cliffside Beaches” by American news giant CNN.

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