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Never again!

Dear Editor,

Having read numerous letters and articles in your newspaper concerning the problems that people are having over charges on the Algarve motorways, we thought we should write to you over our recent experience.

We are English pensioners, who have lived in France for the past 10 years, travelling by motorcar over most of Europe, and used toll auto routes extensively.

On December 16, we left our home in France, travelling by auto route to and across Spain, arriving at Beja on the IP2 E802 to join the motorway A2 IP1 E1 at junction nº12 at Piçarras.

When we arrived at the toll, it consisted of three sections, the centre and right sections were sign-posted for Lisbon, the left-hand section a large sign saying ‘Algarve’.

We saw no barrier or traffic light or instructions concerning payment, so thought, being strangers, the short section was toll free. We continued on our journey to Carvoeiro – when we arrived at the toll station nº14, the last on the A2, we had travelled a distance of 49kms.

We had a very officious lady, who requested a ticket – we explained we did not have a ticket and we had not seen means of obtaining one, at junction 12.

She was very unpleasant, and told us we were fined €55.70 before we could proceed.

We offered the correct toll fee for the distance travelled but she would not accept this.

There were cars waiting to pass through behind us, who were tooting their horns, so we paid obtaining a receipt and continued our journey.

We are visitors, strangers here, and we feel it was a very unfair, unpleasant way to be treated.

We shall never travel on the Algarve motorways again!


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