Neutering campaign begins .jpg

Neutering campaign begins

A neutering campaign for street cats and dogs will be held between Monday, November 27 and Friday, December 1, at Quinta dos Ciprestes, Ferrel in Lagos (Jeff Allen’s old veterinary clinic).

Vets from the UK are travelling to the Algarve to assist with this campaign and are being given accommodation by Owen and Val Window and Terry and Angela Murphy of World Rent will supply the vets with a car for the week.

The Clinica Veterinaria do Ferrel in Espiche is providing back up, with vets, nurses and various volunteers out in the field trapping and transporting the cats and dogs to the clinic.

Anyone that would like to have a street animal neutered during this week, or would like to offer monetary support to cover costs of medication and petrol for volunteers contact Michele on 919 457 263 or [email protected]

A charge of five euros per cat and 10 euros per dog will be asked for to help cover costs.