Networking at Barringtons

A large number of members and non-members turned out when NETWORK, the Association of Working and Business Women, extended invitations to several other organisations in the country. Speakers came from AFPOP, the association for expatriates living and working in Portugal, the British Portuguese Chamber of Commerce and the Associação Empresarial do Algarve to talk about their work. Although NETWORK is an organisation for women only, the association opened its doors to men for this meeting, broadening networking opportunities even further.

After an opportunity to mingle, the speakers took to the stage and gave informative speeches about how their particular institution can help expatriates in Portugal. Other important attendees included Roger Nuttall, the British Consul, and Chris Barton from the BPCC. The event proved to be both interesting and informative, particularly as NETWORK sponsors were on hand with stalls full of information and examples of their work. If you wish to become a member of NETWORK, please contact Rosemary Tate on Tel/Fax 282 767 583 or e-mail [email protected]