Neolithic  Hong Kong

Professor Peter Drewett will be the guest speaker at the next Algarve Archaeological Association (AAA) meeting on April 6 at São Bras Museum at 2.30pm, followed by the same talk at the Convent São José in Lagoa at 6.30pm.

Prior to Hong Kong returning to the People’s Republic of China there was massive development in the city, including the construction of a new airport.

Many important archaeological sites were scheduled for destruction and international teams were invited by the Antiquities and Monument Office of the Hong Kong government to undertake the excavation of the late Neolithic site at Sha Lo Wan.

Professor Peter Drewett will be looking at this site and the findings in the context of Neolithic Hong Kong.

Professor Drewett read Anthropology at University College, London, and completed his PhD on the Neolithic and Bronze Age of Sussex at the Institute of Archaeology, London.

He was an Inspector of Ancient Monuments before teaching Archaeology and field history at University College, London, for 33 years.

Entry to the talks costs five euros for non-members, with this money going towards paying for speakers and grants for projects brought to the attention of the AAA.

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