Neo-Nazi party in Setúbal

A PEACEFUL night in Asseiceira, suburbs of Poceirão (Setúbal), was disturbed by a Neo-Nazi concert last weekend that attracted between 150 and 270 skinheads.

The concert featured three Neo-Nazi bands, the Swiss band Dissens, the German band Jungstrum and Portuguese band Ódio (hate). A report on the internet said that skinheads from eight different countries, paying five euros each, attended the event that passed off peacefully.

The Portuguese extreme right-wing Partido Nacional Renovador (National Renewal Party) financed the event. A Portuguese branch of a Neo-Nazi American organisation called Hammerskin organised security for the evening.

Following the event, which ended at around midnight, Neo-Nazis left the scene to be confronted by a vast police operation. Police fined 50 vehicles on the night, none of which belonged to the skinheads concerned.