Negotiations underway over cruise connection between Portimão and Morocco

Negotiations are underway between the Portuguese government and Moroccan authorities regarding the possible launch of a cruise connection between Portimão and the Moroccan city of Tangier.

The news was broken recently by Público newspaper, which reports that the terms are being laid out by the Algarve and Sines Port Administration (APS).

The government has already contacted Portimão Council which has thrown its support behind the idea. Said the local mayor, tourist destinations like the Algarve have to “diversify” their markets due to Covid restrictions.

“We don’t have the British now, so we have to find alternatives,” Portimão Mayor Isilda Gomes told Público.

Meanwhile, APS says the project has been in the pipeline for three years, ever since the idea was pitched by a ship-owner.

“Recently, we were approached by ship-owners to resume this sea link, which is something that APS and the ship-owners are currently evaluating given the characteristics of Portimão port and the ships that would serve the route,” the port administration adds.

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