Needy GNR families receive football funds

Funds raised during a football match in Almancil to help needy GNR officers and their families were recently presented to the beneficiaries during a ceremony in Vale do Lobo.

A total of €4,000 was raised during the match that took place in July to help two GNR officers suffering from cancer, two children of GNR officers with cerebral palsy and a colleague who became a paraplegic after an accident. Each beneficiary received €800.

The national Association of GNR Officers (APG), the beneficiaries and their relatives would like to thank the many individuals, organisations and football clubs who supported their cause and especially former international footballer Alan Shearer (former star of English football) and his football friends, who participated in the match.

APG also wishes to thank Almancil and Silves International Rotary Clubs who between them managed to raise €2,200.