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Needles and pins

By SHIRLEY EMILIO [email protected]

AS A registered nurse I am often asked, “Do you give Botox injections, or other injectables?

You certainly can take advantage of some of the most effective anti-ageing skin treatments today.

Most people want to be informed and know what the long term effects are. The jury is still out on some procedures and, over the years, as we watch certain well known celebrities who have over treated, it does make one wonder.

A few years ago, botox parties were the trend and I have even heard of people being given injectables in someone’s shop by a doctor! Welcome to the world of facial aesthetics.

Today, lips can be plumped, down turned corners of the mouth lifted, eyes widened, cheeks sculptured and wrinkles smoothed, to mention a few, all by placing products into the face or a nip and tuck here or there. For some people, it is the perfect solution, for others they are looking for more natural alternatives that carry less risk.

There are so many excellent anti-ageing treatments that require no surgery. Facial acupuncture, also known as cosmetic acupuncture or the acupuncture facelift, is one of them. I went along to find out. It was described as being the insertion of hair thin needles into areas around the face. I was pleasantly surprised – I am not a fan of needles! The rejuvenation sessions claim to benefit and boost your entire system. The proof would be in the comments from my husband!

The best results include working on the whole body so enhancing your overall health, giving you a definite glow. Excellent lymphatic drainage, a smoothening and tightening of the skin are the different results which are achieved.


There are centuries old records and clinical studies as to the effectiveness of acupuncture. Acupuncture is not surgery and incisions, anaesthetics and acids are unnecessary – for many, this is very appealing.

For anyone unsure about acupuncture, when the fine needles are inserted, it can be described as a soft tap and the needle’s insertion is not felt. It’s very relaxing and following the procedure a light massage is given. A course of treatments are recommended and this is discussed during the first consultation.

The fact that following the treatment there is no downtime and if you are willing to try something different, you may find that facial acupuncture is perfect for you and the rejuvenation and renewal benefits have you hooked, as well as the overall benefits for your entire wellbeing. It certainly has me.