Navy monitors yet another Russian ‘investigative’ ship

Akademik Golitsyn spent three days passing through Portuguese waters

With the threat of Russian ‘spy ships’ marking undersea cables throughout Europe, naval patrol frigate Francisco de Almeida has been accompanying the passage of yet another Russian research/ survey vessel through national waters.

According to a statement by the Navy, the Akademik Golitsyn has been accompanied since last Friday.

Today however it reached Spanish waters, and can be found ‘under engine’ right now off the southern coast, its destination (Port Said, Egypt) over a week away.

As the Navy’s statement explains: “”these monitoring and follow-up actions actively contribute to the defence of national interests and the exercise of the State’s authority at sea”, as well as being an example of “Portugal’s commitment to NATO’s collective effort”.

There have been a number of incidents where Russian ships have been passing through Portuguese waters in recent weeks. It is not clear if there have been ‘more than usual’ (in the context of the war in Ukraine), but it is clear the Navy is taking its monitoring / accompaniment responsibilities very seriously.

Online maritime traffic websites show the Akademik Golitsyn began its journey in the Russian enclave of Kaliningrad on June 6.

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