One of the ships (Vyazma) which passed the coast this week
One of the ships (Vyazma) which passed the coast this week

Navy follows, monitors two Russian cargo ships off coast

“Vyazma” and “Mekhanik Makarin” passed through Portuguese waters on Wednesday and Thursday

Portugal’s navy has been following/ monitoring two Russian ships that passed alongside the Portuguese coast over Wednesday and Thursday.

According to a note issued, “the passage through Portuguese waters of two ships of the Russian Federation was monitored by the navy’s fast surveillance boats NRP Dragão and NRP Sagitário”.

Monitoring and surveillance focused on the “Vyazma” – which was transporting fuel – and the “Mekhanik Makarin” – which was transporting bulk cargo, the statement continues

“The monitoring of Russian naval units stems from the defence of national interests and the exercise of State authority at Sea, and is a procedure that represents a strong contribution to the security and intelligence gathering of non-allied means”.

Particular care is being taken by all allied countries these days to ensure the integrity of undersea communication cable networks, following revelations that these may be the target of Russian sabotage “in an effort to cause disruption to life in the West and gain advantage against countries that are supporting Ukraine”.

Only a month ago, ‘admiral of the fleet in Portugal’ Henrique Gouveia e Melo alerted to the Russian spy ships that “are tracking and measuring undersea cables and undersea cable infrastructure” that run through Portuguese territorial waters.

Source material: LUSA