Image: Marinha Portuguesa

Navy accompanies another Russian “investigative ship” as it passes through Portuguese waters

Russian investigative ships are believed to be mapping underwater cabling

Naval patrol boat Figueira da Foz today completed its ‘monitoring’ of Russian ‘scientific investigation’ ship Akademik Keldysh as it passed through Portuguese waters.

The Russian boat entered Portuguese territorial waters on Christmas Day.

These Russian craft are viewed with concern for the reason that they are thought to be ‘mapping’ the ocean floor in terms of cables.

A source for the Navy has said naval vessels are “committed to continuing to monitor and accompany the passage of this type of ship, carrying out permanent patrols of maritime spaces under national sovereignty or jurisdiction in order to ensure that no activities harmful to the country are carried out and to promote and protect Portugal’s interests at and through the sea”.

Explain reports, “since the beginning of the year, the Portuguese Navy has been accompanying several Russian ships as they pass by the national coast.

“These missions have become more frequent since the start of the war in Ukraine on  February 24, 2022”.

Source: SIC Notícias/ Lusa