Nave do Barão pays homage to centuries-old wine tradition

Nave do Barão, a small village in Loulé which has a tradition for strong wines dating back several centuries, will host its 5th Wine Festival on Saturday, March 23.

The event will feature some of the most renowned wineries in the Algarve (Adega do Cantor, Monte do Além, Monte da Casteleja, Quinta da Malaca, Quinta Rosa-JAAP, Quinta da Tôr, Paxá Wines) and a considerable number of regional winemakers with their homemade wines.

There will also be a handicraft and regional gastronomy fair held at the same time.

The festival begins at midday with the wine tasting while a homemade wine contest will be held at 4pm. The jury will meet an hour later to decide the winners before the award ceremony is held at 7pm.

The evening will come to a close with a fado show at 8pm featuring local singers Filipa Nobre, Arnaldo Santos and Alcino Bom accompanied by musicians José Santos (viola) and José Pinto (Portuguese guitar).

Nave do Barão wines used to have a reputation for being “so strong outsiders would ‘turn yellow’ after just two glasses”, but the tradition took a strong blow in the 19th century when vineyards were blighted by a disease known as ‘Filoxera’, and most growers turned to other activities like almond, fig and carob production.

In an attempt to keep the tradition going, ‘Os Barões’ asssociation, created in 1995, opted for the idea of a festival.

Admission is free.

For more information, call 919 749 293.