Nauticampo boat fair opens

news: Nauticampo boat fair opens

EUROPE’s largest yacht and leisure marine industry fair, Nauticampo, opened at Lisbon’s FIL exhibition centre recently with more than 556 exhibitors from 26 countries. Expected to attract around 110,000 visitors, the 38th Nauticampo brings together the best and the latest the industry has to offer in terms of boating, yachting, diving, water-skiing, camping, caravaning, wind-surfing and water-related leisure activities. Nauticampo’s director, João Lourenço Vieira, toured the three exhibition pavilions at the Parque das Nações with Lisbon Câmara President,From page 1

Carmona Rodrigues, who climbed aboard some of the more luxurious yachts costing between 100,000 and 300,000 euros.

“The boating industry behaves like the rest of the national economy, with highs and lows, and can be affected by the political instability that the country is going through at the moment,” said Vieira. Yet, despite the climate of uncertainty about the future, when most people curb their spending habits, this year’s Nauticampo fair “seems better than ever”.

Carmona Rodrigues said that he wasn’t visiting the fair “with the intention of buying anything, but rather to have a look around and lend his support. I value everything to do with sport, leisure and outdoor activities, and Nauticampo has, for many years, been one of the successes of Lisbon”.

‘I am available for a further term’

Asked about the prospect of his candidature for the mayoral post being renewed if the Social Democrats Party (PSD) win the election, Rodrigues said: “I am available to press my candidature as Lisbon Câmara President for a further term and am confident of being re-elected.” He added: “Obviously, this is something that would have to be agreed with the PSD that put me forward and selected me for this post three years ago.” But he also said that, until election day on February 20, he couldn’t talk about his candidature. “I am sure that Pedro Santana Lopes will get a landslide victory on that day,” he said.

• The fair will continue until February 20 and will be open daily from 3pm to 11pm. Tickets cost four euros per person or 13 euros for a family of four. Chris Graeme