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Nature Encyclopedia & It’s Elementary!

For children, there are two books we want to mention that are due out next month. Firstly, the DK Encyclopaedia of Nature, in paperback at 23.50 euros, is packed with curiosity quizzes, ‘turn and learn’ boxes and bite-sized facts to get your teeth into. Discover plants and animals and where they live – from deserts to oceans, rainforests to mountains. And find out how living things evolve, reproduce, feed and defend themselves – watch a chameleon catch its prey and come face-to-face with a jellyfish propelling through water – there’s lots to see and explore.

For the young scientist (aged eight +) It’s Elementary! takes an amazing look at the stuff that stuff is made of, with fantastic experiments to do, puzzles, quizzes and loads more. See what the elements are, how they were discovered and the extraordinary ways they affect our lives. It’s chemistry, but not as you know it. In hardback, priced at 15.50 euros.