“Nature doesn’t take a break”

“Nature doesn’t take a break”

Algarve’s new campaign aimed at tourists

A new campaign entitled ‘Nature doesn’t take a break’ has been launched by the Algarve tourism board (RTA).

Its goal is to encourage holidaymakers to be mindful of the environment during their stay, thus helping protect what makes the Algarve such a special destination.

“The Algarve is a tourist destination much sought after for its beauty and natural resources. On your holidays, join us to protect it. Climate change presents us all with great challenges, so by adopting simple actions, we are giving our contribution to an even more sustainable Algarve,” the team behind the campaign says.

While it will be promoted on billboards, buses, newspaper ads and tourist offices, the campaign will likely gain greater acceptance, faster, in digital format, with 20-second videos being shared on social media and websites.

“Nature doesn’t take a break”

A website (tempodecuidar.visitalgarve.pt) has also been created – in English, Portuguese, and Spanish – offering 12 tips “that will make your holiday more sustainable”. These range from walking to your destination whenever possible and buying local produce, to not lighting fires near bushes or forests and using designated trails on hikes.

“It is vital to reinforce the need for a collective objective of protecting the natural heritage and biodiversity,” says RTA boss João Fernandes, adding that only by raising awareness amongst locals and visitors can the Algarve continue to be “a top tourist destination”.

“The region is facing environmentally-sensitive issues that can negatively affect, or even compromise, its future. It is fundamental to encourage the population to contribute actively to mitigate these issues,” added Fernandes.

“Tourism, as a pillar of the economy, has a fundamental role in this plan.”

By Michael Bruxo