Natur’all and grill – Charcoal flavour-ite

Did you know there’s a direct connection between your stomach and your brain that could be affecting how good you feel? What you put into your body directly affects mental and physical well-being. But what’s this got to do with Intermarché?

The group has been searching for ways to keep customer tastes satiated with healthy and flavoursome food options. So, it’s no wonder grilled options have been added to the menus at their Natur’all eatery. The irresistible taste and aroma of charcoal cooked dishes are now available in the popular Natur’all – Fresh Food Lovers, near the Lagos and Aljezur stores. Customers can enjoy half a grilled chicken plus sweet potato fries, produced nationally, and 100% natural orange juice from Silves for only €3.95.

There’s also a special menu that includes soup of the day, a main meal and dessert. Whether you’re vegan or vegetarian, or prefer meat or fish, meals can be adapted to suit your taste. Complete dinner menus, including either meat or fish, cost €8 and €10 respectively. What’s more, if you’re more comfortable dining at home, you also have the option of takeaway. You can collect your Natur’all lunch or dinner then enjoy it at home, at your desk, or as a picnic.

Constantly looking to add value to customer experience, the company was forced to respond to the pandemic, which meant a review of how stores and Natur’all – Food Lovers spaces operate. In accordance with rules advised by health authorities, the eating areas currently operate with limited client occupancy to ensure social distancing can be maintained. Lagos and Aljezur have a maximum outside seating capacity for ten customers. Lagos Intermarché limits client capacity to two clients seated inside and two persons collecting takeaway. Meanwhile, Aljezur has an inside seating capacity of six and maximum capacity of three persons for collection of takeaway. These measures will remain in place until authorities indicate otherwise, as Intermarché believes in safeguarding the health and well being of its employees and customers.

Customers can be assured that employees are equipped with all means of protection against the COVID-19 virus. Preventive measures are also taken when in contact with customers and meals are packed to ensure maximum hygiene. So, with the new additions to the menu and the procedures to safeguard all involved, Intermarché and Natur’all believe it has a bigger and more complete offer for customers to savour.

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