Natural nails that last!

news: Natural nails that last!

By Renette Joubert [email protected]

Have you heard about the best kept secret in the Algarve?

WE ALL know that a manicure seldom lasts longer than a week. Most of us barely make it to the car, but next you have to put your seat belt on and then your mobile phone rings and it’s at the bottom of your handbag – mobile retrieved and one snagged fingernail! We have all been there and know that scenario.

Just imagine 10 perfectly manicured and painted nails in glamorous raspberry red or candy-floss pink, or a sexy French manicure lasting two weeks or more… There is the false nail scenario. Again, many of us tried it for a special occasion and, three months later, you still pay the price of over buffed nails.

It is time to experiment with a different solution. Something that is natural. Bio Sculpture Gel is a polyurethane polymet, not the normal acrylic monomer (big words to impress you), but this is the secret as to why Bio Sculpture Gel is the answer. So how does this work?

Firstly, the hands are placed under UV light to harden the gel – no chemical reaction, burning or fumes. The gel is self-levelling and easy to shape with very little dust. Due to the flexibility of the gel, it is easy to remove. The gel consists of proteins, calcium and vitamins, so there is no damage to the natural nail.

This is why the system is healthier for the nails and the therapist. You may ask – who cares? I do care about my health and the condition of your nails, and so should you.

Renette Joubert can be contacted on (00351) 289 301 768.