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Natural medicine needs regulation

It has been reported that 80 per cent of people practising natural medicine in Portugal are unqualified.

Pressure is being put on the Government to speed up the regulation of people practising natural medicine after claims that 80 per cent of practitioners in Portugal are unqualified.

The call came from António Alves, president of the Associação Portuguesa de Quiroptática (APQ), the Portuguese Chiropractic Association, speaking at the World Chiropractic Congress in Vilamoura last week. “In my opinion, around 80 per cent of people practising natural medicine in Portugal have no qualifications and this poses a danger to health,” he told delegates.

It is the desire of qualified chiropractors, said Alves, that natural medicine is regulated as a matter of urgency.

Chiropractors are specialists in the nervous system. The chiropractor looks for interference to the nervous system (subluxation) and removes it via chiropractic adjustments allowing the body’s innate intelligence to take over the healing.

Your spine houses and protects your spinal cord and a healthy spinal cord is integral to the proper control of your muscles and organs.The somatic nervous system controls the muscles and the autonomic system controls the organs or viscera. When there is a subluxation (interference in the nervous system), it can negatively impact multiple functions

Chiropracticors can treat back pain, poor digestion, asthma and infant colic, among other conditions.

António Alves said the speciality is ranked in third place in terms of health professions –behind traditional medicine and dental medicine, and Portugal has around 30 qualified chiropractors, people who have studied in chiropractic faculties.

Medal winning Portuguese athlete, Francis Obikwelu, the European 100 and 200 metres Champion, took part in the event’s opening ceremony and explained that chiropractic has helped to increase his performance, reduce injuries and speed up recovery time between races.The 25-year-old said that he’d been receiving chiropractic treatment since the age of 17.

The Vilamoura event brought together 800 specialists from all over the globe.

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