Natural lagoon affected by beach club

The installation of a beach club in the area surrounding the Salgados lagoon near Armação de Pêra has been criticised by a regional environmental organisation, which says that the habitat should be a protected natural area.

The Salt Beach Club, which will have night-time entertainment similar to the Sasha Beach club in Praia da Rocha, is due to be open from July 18 until August 22.

A spokesman from the regional non-profit environmental organisation Almargem, said that the landscaping work carried out so far has caused disruptions to the wildlife in the area because of land movements and the removal of vegetation.

“The association says that it is not against cultural and music events, which complement the stay of many visitors to the region. However, the Salgados lagoon should have been made into a natural reserve a long time ago.” According to Almargem, this fact is recognised internationally and there are many bird watchers who come from abroad to the Algarve especially for this purpose.

At the time the Algarve Resident went to press on Wednesday, no one from the Salt Beach Club was available to comment.