Natural healers return to the Algarve

Natural healers Douglas Ballard and Sharon Wise will be back in the Algarve at the beginning of October for two weeks, working from a number of locations across the region.

Both use what’s described as the simple hands-on method of healing.

Their energies are totally different but highly effective, they say, at bringing about a deep sense of relaxation and well-being, as well as providing relief from a huge range of injuries and painful ailments.

In addition, Douglas claims to be a very powerful medium, and his readings are sometimes just the form of “healing” that someone needs. Words of comfort from a loved one who has passed over, or more practical, down-to-earth advice on what is happening in the here and now can, he says, help those who are stuck, or feel they are at a crossroads and do not know which way to turn.

Sharon’s other speciality is Deep Soul Therapy, where she helps someone get to the root cause of a long-hidden trauma, be it in this life or a past lifetime.

By uncovering and getting rid of the negative energy of the trauma, it is said to allow the person to get on with their lives in a much more positive way.

Douglas and Sharon’s schedule is:

• October 4, 9 and 17 October: Vale d’Éguas, Almancil.

For bookings call Judy Sharpe on 966 108 605.

• October 6 and 13: Quinta da Horta do Trigo, Lagos.

For bookings call Astrid Bjerke on 282 760 843.

• October 10 and 11: Estetica Salon at Barrington’s, Vale do Lobo.

For bookings call Estetica on 289 398 775

• October 12: Faust Centre, Quarteira.

For bookings call Jutta or Elsa on 289 301 356.

• October 16: Estrela da Luz,

Praia da Luz.

For bookings call Estrela da Luz on 282 771 200.