Nationwide dock workers' strike begins at midnight 
Port workers striking from midnight tonight. Image: Rodrigo Antunes

Nationwide dock workers’ strike begins at midnight 

Portugal’s national union of port workers (SNTAP) has called a strike of several days, starting on from 00.00 hours on Thursday and lasting until 30 January. The action will cover the ports of mainland Portugal, Madeira and the Azores. According to a document sent to the government, regional secretariats and port authorities, port workers will be on strike “from 00:00 on December 22 until 24:00 on December 23”, “from 00:00 on December 27 until 24:00 on December 29” and “from 00:00 until 24:00 on January 2, 6, 9, 13, 16, 20, 23, 27 and 30”. This is just the latest of a slew of strikes affecting the country right now, all centred on poor wages and conditions syndicates find unsatisfactory.