National strike scheduled for March 20

The Common Front of syndicates of public administration has announced a national strike for March 20, demanding salary increases of  €90 this year for all workers, irrespective of their pay grades.

The decision was taken at a national meeting today of public sector syndicates outside the prime minister’s official residence in São Bento. 

A strike has been on the cards for weeks (click here), and the mood remains every bit as ‘outraged’ by the government’s so-called ‘derisory offer’ made to its workers and set out in the 2020 State Budget (click here).

The federation of public administration syndicates (FESAP) meantime has said it will be outlining its own forms of protest “to demand the government negotiates agreements on salary increases” and revises career progression models as well as an increase in meal subsidies.

FESAP’s plans will be ‘revealed next Tuesday’, say reports.