National holidays in Portugal during the First Republic

news: National holidays in Portugal during the First Republic

Local historian Peter Kingdon Booker will be talking about ‘National Holidays in Portugal during the First Republic’ on Thursday, January 31, at Pessoa’s Café in Tavira at 7.30pm.

The first Republic was founded in Portugal onOctober 5, 1910 and, within a week, the new authorities had suppressed 14 religious national holidays and had marked the beginning of a new regime by founding five new holidays.

They were as follows: January 1 as the Day of Universal Brotherhood (formerly Feast of the Circumcision); October 5 Day of the Republic; December 1 Autonomia da Pátria Portuguesa and Day of the Flag; December 25 Day of the Family (formerly Christmas Day); and January 31 Day of the Republican Revolt in Porto. Each of these holidays might be recognised today, except for the Day of the Republican Revolt in Porto.

Here was a holiday celebration which meant a great deal to the new Republic.Why was this date important? Why did it become a national holiday? When did it disappear from the national calendar? Why were all of the religious holidays suppressed?

Join Peter for a brief look at the political and religious implications of the First Republic.

Booking is recommended as spaces are limited. There is no charge for the talk but voluntary contributions will be collected to help in the restoration of a traditional fishing boat, O Golfinho (see Algarve Resident, December 21 2012 edition).

The talk is organised by the Algarve History Association.

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