National fire alert: 60 boroughs at maximum risk

Portugal is back on a nationwide fire alert.

Since 8pm last night, the weather picture with regard to risks is grim: rising temperatures with high winds forecast.

Roughly 60 boroughs are already at maximum risk, thus the renewed ban on all activities that could tip the balance.

This means:
● no ‘circulation or permanence’ of people within forest spaces, on hiking routes or even country walks that traverse forest areas.
● absolutely no bonfires/ or agricultural land burning activities
● ditto to fireworks
● ditto to any kind of work with machinery in rural areas or close to forests

A note sent out by the ministry for internal administration stresses that the state of alert does not stop people from feeding animals in forest areas, or carrying out work in rural spaces that carries no risks of ignitions.

All authorities (from police to emergency personnel, forestry sappers and even the Air Force) are on a heightened level of operational readiness and response.

The alert will remain in place until midnight tomorrow (Tuesday).

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