‘Natalândia’ returns to Lagos Zoo

‘Natalândia’ returns to Lagos Zoo

Lagos Zoo is entering the festive season with another edition of its annual Christmas celebration ‘Natalândia’ which will run between December 4 and 26 and see ticket prices cut to €10 for Algarve residents.

Christmas hats will be handed to all visitors at the entrance while children will receive a letter to write to Santa. It will be written at the zoo’s Casa dos Sonhos and then delivered to Santa himself at Quinta do Nicolau.

Also promised is a variety of street entertainment, bouncy castles, an exhibition of nativity scenes and live theatre performances.

Visitors will also be able to marvel at the more than 180 species that call the zoo home.

Meanwhile, the zoo’s restaurant Cangalho will also be serving Christmas lunches during the festive season, including on Christmas Day.

Visit www.zoolagos.com for more information.