Narco-terrorist deported from US “freely living in Portugal”

Less than a week since Euro MP Ana Gomes warned Portugal is “at the centre of a network financing terrorism”, the country’s best-read newspaper is claiming that a ‘narco-terrorist’ deported from the United States is living freely here.

Twenty-nine-year-old Manuel Mamadi Mane is understood to use “at least 10 false identities” and although his arrival in Portugal was communicated to the Foreign Affairs Office and Secret Services, today his whereabouts remain uncertain, writes Correio da Manhã.

Mane was deported from the United States after being found guilty earlier this year on terrorism and drug trafficking charges in a case involving former Naval chief Bubo Na Tchuto of Guinea Bissau, claims the paper.

He was an integral part of a network “supplying FARC revolutionaries in Colombia with surface to air missiles” in exchange for cocaine, which was then shipped to Europe.

The plan, which is understood to have involved all manner of government officials in Guinea Bissau, made millions before it was foiled by US drug enforcement police in 2013.

And, for reasons CM has not explained, Mane was deported to Portugal due to the fact that he has a Portuguese nationality.

Mane, also understood to use the surname Sanha, was condemned to three years in jail by an American court earlier this year.

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