Nandi animal charity receives donation

A donation has been made to the Nandi Animal Charity in Lagos after Algarve residents Nadine Berger and Carlos Barata made the decision to help the abandoned animals of the Algarve, before moving to Germany.

The couple came up with the idea to benefit stray and abandoned animals through a garage sale that they held recently to clear out their house. Friends and acquaintances who attended the garage sale found a small, green ceramic pig residing at the sale and a sign inviting donations to the Nandi Animal Charity.

The little green piggy bank took on a life of its own at the garage sale and donors contributed €303 to Nandi, along with a van full of goods for Nandi to sell in its charity shop.

To keep the idea alive, the piggy bank mascot will continue to collect donations for Nandi at a new restaurant called Mum’s, which opened in Sagres this month.