Nameless Band seeks to inspire young Algarve musicians

The band will perform in Tavira this Saturday

Four men from different countries but all living in the Algarve make up the Nameless Band, founded in early 2022 in an attempt to “give something back” to the Greater Tavira community which they call home and inspire and support children and youngsters to become musicians.

Singer and lead guitarist Grant Davidson moved to Portugal in December 2021 and was looking to work with local musicians after a lifetime of performing live, first in his home country of New Zealand and later in the Netherlands.

Through a mutual acquaintance, he met South African bassist Stan Lewis and former drummer Andy Wright (who has since stepped away from the band, replaced by local Portuguese drummer Miguel Serina).

“After a convivial conversation at the waterfront in Cabanas de Tavira, we decided to jam and see where it would lead us,” Grant told us, adding that the band was then completed by the addition of rhythm guitarist Adrian Hook.

Their first performance was at Grant’s birthday party in 2022, where the band played a set of three rock numbers to the joy of the crowd.

“We then decided to create a repertoire of ‘off-piste’ rock numbers,” Grant said, adding that the band has been performing ever since in the Tavira area.

The Nameless Band also frequently performs alongside guest musicians and singers, having more recently committed to supporting the next generation of musicians in Tavira through the creation of the Nameless Associação. The association collects the earnings from the band’s performances, putting them into a fund to support young and emerging artists.

The group has already partnered with the Academia de Música de Tavira with the goal of working directly with its students, exposing them to practising with a band and having them join the band on stage during performances.

“Ultimately, as the Nameless Associação, we will provide scholarship support for students from the Academy, or other young aspiring musicians, to continue developing their talent, enabling them to attend master classes or pursue higher music education,” Grant told us.

The band’s next gig is scheduled for this Saturday (January 27) at 2pm, at the ‘Sol de Inverno’ festival in Tavira, which will take place at Jardim do Sapal and will also feature other live performances, a flea market and more (see full programme on Facebook ‘Festival Sol de Inverno’).

The band’s goal is to perform once a month throughout 2024, with their ultimate dream being to “perform an outdoor concert of Pink Floyd’s repertoire”.

For now, however, you can stay updated on the Nameless Band by visiting their website or Facebook group ‘The Nameless Band Project’.


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