Naked Salamanca “selfie” slaps Portuguese with €600 fine

Forty-four year old Portuguese José Menezes will be ruing the day he decided to strip off in Salamanca and waltz through the ancient town stark naked.

According the reports in the media, the idea was to take a “selfie”.

Indeed, “news-on-the-net” these days is that traditional selfies are old hat. Much more a moda are shots of beautiful places throughout the globe where travelers are featured in the altogether.

This is what must have been on Menezes’ mind – but whatever his motivation, Spanish police were in no mood for small talk.

Talking of small, the “offence” took place in February, so temperatures in the interior Spanish town were far from tropical.

Menezes found himself “identified” by police by the time he had made it into the beautiful town’s Plaza Mayor.

According to this week’s municipal bulletin, the internet exhibitionist now has a month to pay his fine, or contest it at Salamanca town hall.

Meantime, Brazil’s travel website has published a revealing article attesting to the fact that the selfie as-we-used-to-know-it is long gone.

No-one is interested in seeing friends or family clothed anymore. They must be naked – preferably in dream locations.

Young Israeli Amichay Rab seems to have started the fad.

It is a curious name, as in Portugal a “rabo” (or “rab” as many pronounce it) is a bottom.

For a new experience, and lots of views of young Mr Rab’s “rabo”, see:

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