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Myths about cleaning your teeth

Text by Clínica Pacifico

Every day we come across patients that still don’t know the correct way to clean their teeth, sometimes because of beliefs that are deeply rooted in their minds but are not accurate. That’s why today we will address five of the most common myths on oral health.

1. The harder the brush the better
The best toothbrush has a small head and many soft bristles. The small head to reach all areas and the soft bristles to clean the gingiva without hurting it.

2. You shouldn’t brush the gums and tongue
Using a soft brush into the gums, does not cause gum retraction. Brush 50% on the gum and 50% on the tooth structure at an angle of about 45°. The tongue should also be cleaned, as it is where bacteria live.

3. Don’t brush if you have bleeding gums
Bleeding gums are not a sign of brushing too hard or that that area should be avoided. On the contrary, you should brush, and after a while you will notice that the bleeding reduces and then stops, as the condition of your gums improve. Giving the area ‘a break’ will only make the infection worse. It is the presence of bacteria that causes the gums to swell and bleed.

4. Sugar-free fizzy drinks don’t cause cavities because they have no sugar
Dietary soft drinks do not contain sugar in their composition but are acidic. This acidity can impair the structure and ‘soften’ the enamel.

5. Children don’t have to brush as often
The baby teeth are the blueprint for adult teeth. If a baby tooth is removed early due to decay, important space can be lost, due to tooth movement, so not leaving enough room for the erupting adult teeth. Keeping baby teeth healthy has a positive impact on a child’s adult smile.

Make an appointment with your dentist to answer all your questions or doubts. Here at Clinica Pacifico we take great pride in helping you with all your needs and that all our patients always leave with a smile!

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