national maritime authority
Image: national maritime authority (Autoridade Marítima Nacional)

Mystery of missing taxi driver comes to sad end

The mystery of what happened to taxi driver Luís Esteves after he left home, as usual, to start work on February 16 has come tragically clear. The 49-year-old drove his Audi 3 down the ramp of the Doca do Bom Sucesso, near Belém, straight into the Tejo river. He remained at the wheel of the submerged vehicle for a full week before investigators finally decided to check CCTV cameras at the point where the last pings of his mobile phone were registered (Doca do Bom Sucesso). Footage showed the car entering the river, with Luís Esteves at the wheel. Divers then went into the waters to confirm the presence of the car and the body, which were later brought to shore. Say reports today, “an autopsy will determine the real causes of death” – albeit it may not be able to explain why. There are no “signs of crime”, writes Correio da Manhã.