Mystery of missing American in Lisbon: did he fall into the Tejo?

Mystery of missing American in Lisbon: did he fall into the Tejo?

The mystery of a missing American in Lisbon and an ‘unresponsive body’ seen floating in the Tejo may be linked.

Authorities here are investigating, with a US congressman described as getting involved to help the missing man’s family get the answers they so desperately need.

Alex Tyk, 31, was ‘last seen’ at around 3.30am last Thursday at the notorious Urban Beach Club – a nightspot that hit the headlines two years ago for extreme incidents of violence (click here), and from which another ‘reveller’ went missing, never to be seen again, in 2013.

According to reports in Portugal – before Tyk’s disappearance was even flagged – a young man was seen “falling into the river between Urban Beach and Lust in Rio” (another club on the same strip) around an hour and a half later (at 5am).

The eye-witness who notified authorities of the fall, is described as having ‘thrown various floating objects into the water’ for the man to hold, but says he ‘did not react’.

Naval commander Pereira da Fonseca told Observador on the day of the incident, that the man in the water then appears to have sunk.

A sweep of the area by maritime police in boats revealed nothing, and on Thursday, there were no reports of anyone ‘missing’.

The reports of Alex Tyk’s disappearance from his lodgings at Selena’s Secret Garden came on Friday, when he failed to turn up at a meeting scheduled with friends in Barcelona.

It was then discovered that Alex hadn’t checked out of Selena’s Secret Garden, and that his luggage and passport were still there.

As Observador remarked earlier this week: “It’s not yet known if Alex Tyk was the young man whose body was seen falling into the Tejo in the early hours of Thursday morning” precisely because the body hasn’t been found.

Coincidentally perhaps, this story has brought back the memory of 24-year-old João Medeiros who left the Urban Beach Club in the early hours of February 7, 2013 and simply vanished.

At the time, searches were made of the Tejo river, but nothing came of them.

Observador recalls that João may have been attacked by “elements of the extreme-right”.

This theory came from a letter sent to the Attorney General from Mário Machado, former leader of the extreme right Skinhead group Hammerskins, writing from prison in 2015.

Machado is understood to have given the names of the people who attacked Medeiros – described by SIC television, citing Correio da Manhã, as ‘members of the most radical faction of the extreme right group that used to frequent that discotheque and assault clients’.

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