Mystery of dead body on Lisbon line “naked from waist up”

The macabre discovery of a half-naked body beside the tracks near a tunnel of the railway line at Xabregas, Lisbon, last Saturday morning, has opened up a new mystery for the capital’s judicial police (PJ).

The dead man, aged between 30 – 40, appears to have had no identification documents on him.

His body shows signs of having been dragged to the spot, but that too is puzzling, says Correio da Manhã, as the area is fenced off from the public, and should have been difficult to access – particularly for someone or people transporting a body.

The incident was called in by a woman who saw the prostrate figure from the window of a nearby building.

Adding to the mystery is the allegation that earlier in the day a pair of crutches had been seen “some metres from the spot”, which police subsequently could not find.

CM adds that an association supporting people in need operates near the railway line, but there have been no reports of missing people in the area, nor from the association.

The body is being autopsied to determine the cause of death, says the paper.

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