Mystery as man found dead at bottom of well near Fatacil, Lagoa

The body of a 43-year-old man was found at the bottom of a well near the road between the Fatacil fairground and Salicos in Lagoa this morning (January 10).

Vítor Silva, reported missing on Monday, worked at a carpentry business located in front of the well.

So far, there’s no clear indication of why Silva ended up in it.

According to Sulinformação website, his body was removed by local firefighters at the start of this afternoon after they were initially told not to.

“It’s the first time something like this has happened,” Lagoa’s fire commander Vítor Rio told the website.

He explained that the local rescue team was ready by 9.30am to remove the body, but GNR preferred to take it out another way and call in their own team of divers from Lisbon.

But as the hours dragged on and the divers failed to arrive, Sulinformação writes that “good sense prevailed”. The body was removed by firefighters, avoiding a lengthy wait until the team from Lisbon finally arrived.

Authorities started looking for Silva after his wife became aware that he hadn’t gone home for lunch and later hadn’t reported in for work.

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