Mystery as body discovered in Douro river

Mystery as body discovered in Douro river

Body of man, in jean-shorts and wearing a bracelet, showed signs of violence

PJ police are trying to identify the body of a man, aged around 40, discovered close to Ferradosa quayside, on the Douro river at São João Pesqueira yesterday.

Everything points to the body having been in the water for at least two days. Some reports say it was already decomposing.

Right now, there seem to be no clues as to an identity. The body was found by a winemaker travelling by boat along the river. It showed injuries in the head and neck area – which could indicate violence. But as reports explain, nobody in the area is aware of anyone ‘missing’.

One theory is that the body, which was discovered wearing a pair of jean-shorts and a bracelet, could have been someone ‘swept up by floodwaters’ earlier this week, when floods hit the region.

‘All scenarios remain open’, writes tabloid Correio da Manhã, while the body is now with Vila Real coroners’ office, where an autopsy may be able to confirm cause of death.

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