My time at the Resident

Year 10 student Freddie Nicholas from the International School of the Algarve in Lagoa joined the Algarve Resident team for his work experience week. He is interested in the field of journalism and enjoys writing, which was evident during the time he spent with us seeing how a newspaper is run and getting very involved in its production. Here he describes his experience working in a newspaper. We wish Freddie every success in the future.

“I have had a great time at the Algarve Resident. I have been really surprised by the workload I have been given but pleased as it shows that they have trusted me enough to do interviews and articles that are deemed good enough to be published in the paper.

My favourite part of the whole week has to be my unexpected call from Sven Goran Eriksson all the way from Sweden.

It was such an honour to speak to him and to get such a good story to write about for the paper.

I can honestly say I have had no worst bit as all the things I have done have been immensely interesting and enjoyable to do.

The week at the Algarve Resident has definitely fuelled my desire to pursue my ambition to become a journalist, and with enough hard work and dedication I feel I can.

I will continue to write into the Resident whenever I can, and now full of confidence after the support I have been given, feel confident enough to start writing in local blogs and try and develop my writing ability as much as possible. 

All of the staff has been exceptionally friendly during my time and I would like to say a huge thank you to them for being so supportive during my time here, and for them helping me to realise that journalism is something I want to pursue as a career, for now I have more confidence than I ever have had before. Cheers.” 

Freddie Nicholas