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‘My GNR’ project launched

GNR Faro District Command and Safe Communities Algarve announced the launch of ‘My GNR’, an online project that has been under development by the two organisations for the last four months.

‘My GNR’ is an online feature on the Safe Communities Algarve website, which is aimed at further enhancing police/community co-operation, therefore helping keep the Algarve a safe place to live and visit.

The ‘My GNR’ programme, which uses an interactive map, is the first of its kind in Portugal and brings together six features divided into the main GNR geographical areas in the Algarve, which residents can easily access. Features are: Safe Residence Programme; Eyes and Ears (a feature that encourages the public to report suspicious activities to the GNR, including a direct email link to the GNR); details of the areas covered; contact details of all GNR stations with an online link showing the location map of each; an operations page showing details of recent GNR arrests in each area and News and Downloads.

David Thomas, founder of Safe Communities Algarve, said: “In developing this, I was pleased to co-operate closely with the GNR in further enhancing their community work. ‘My GNR’ reflects the concept of the police being part of society and engages public support in preventing crime. I hope everyone will make good use of this, particularly reporting suspicious activities.”

Faro GNR Commander, Coronel José Pimenta, said: “This tool was of crucial importance to the approach of the GNR to the population with the aim of reducing criminality and maintaining a feeling of community security.”

The starting point for navigating “My GNR” is at the following link