Musical Odyssey

A Musical Odyssey, travelling through 300 years of the history of the violin and of violin music, is being presented by Alex Stewart and Regina Aires in Tavira on Sunday August 25, at 7 pm.

Alex and Regina are members of the Portuguese Symphony Orchestra and they make up the violin half of the Lacerda Quartet.

For this performance, they will be the Duo Lacerda to guide the audience through the construction of the violin, how the bow developed and how the violin changed in response to audience demand.

In between the historical descriptions, there will be musical illustrations and anecdotes relating to the lives of the composers.

Duo Lacerda offers showpieces from the works of composers of the Classical, Baroque, Romantic and 20th century periods, and of nationalities such as German, Polish, Italian and French.

Odysseus took 10 years to complete the original Odyssey as he returned to Ithaca after the Trojan War.Duo Lacerda will complete their Musical Odyssey in just 90 minutes, not including the drinks and canapés interval.

The event, costing €15 per person, will take place at Boa Esperança, in the hills outside Tavira.

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