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Museum of design and fashion to open it’s doors in 2008

A MUSEUM dedicated to design and fashion is to open in Lisbon in 2008.

The outline of the project – Museu do Design e da Moda (MUDE) was presented last week by Lisbon Câmara Culture Officer, José Amaral Lopes at the Sala do Risco.

With an exhibition area covering 1,200 square metres, MUDE will house the permanent collection of collector Francisco Capelo.

The Capelo Collection is considered one of the most important collections of design and fashion at an international level. It was acquired in 2002 by Lisbon Câmara at a cost of 10 million euros.

The collection is made up of around 1,000 pieces of furniture, objects d’art, design and 1,200 haute couture gowns and other items of clothing, which mark the principal trends of the 20th century.

MUDE will be set up in the Palácio Verride – also known as the Palácio Santa Caterina in Bairro Alto/Chiado next to the Santa Caterina belvedere and Adamastor Garden.

Over the next 9-12 months the 18th century palace, bought by Lisbon Câmara in 2003, will be completely refurbished and renovated to house the new collection.

Bárbara Coutinho, who will be the Director of the Museum said: “The decision to exhibit this collection in Lisbon signals a major transformation which, I have no doubt, will contribute towards turning the city into one of the beacons of fashion, culture and design in Europe like Glasgow and Antwerp.”

The museum will take up eight rooms in the building and cover an area of 1,800sqm including the exhibition and public circulation areas. The museum will also have a panoramic café, shop, education space, 70-seat auditorium and a library with documents on design and fashion.