Lisbon airport

Murder suspect detained at Lisbon airport with “bits of meat in suitcase”

Tabloids suggest meat “could be human”

A man suspected of having committed murder in Amsterdam last Sunday has been arrested at Lisbon airport, with “bits of meat in a package” and bloodstained clothing in his luggage.

According to reports, the meat could be human. PJ forensic experts are now analysing it, along with the various bloodstained items.

In the UK, the Daily Mail has already described a “killer cannibal”, revealing the man’s identity as Begolea Mendes Fernandes, 25.

He came to the notice of SEF inspectors yesterday as he flew into Lisbon on a stopover flight to Belo Horizonte, in Brazil.

A statement released by SEF today explains inspectors were alerted to the fact that the man’s documents appeared to have been forged. He was travelling under an Italian passport.

It was only after arresting him on suspicion of ‘the crime of document falsification’ that inspectors realised he was being actively sought over a murder the day before. This, SEF concluded was “the reason for attempting to leave Schengen Space under a false identity”.

In today’s statement, the service explains that a number of identity documents in the name of ‘third parties’ were also found in the man’s possession.

Dutch authorities have since issued a European Extradition Warrant.

According to the Mail, “inspectors suspect the killer committed cannibalism”.

The suspected has been treated in hospital for a wound to his right hand, and is due to appear before a judge to hear remand terms.

The murder victim has been named as Alan Lopez, 21. He was found dead at the home he shared with his mother and two sistersm on Vegasstraat in North Amsterdam on Sunday evening, says the Daily Mail.

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