Murder or accident: police probe gunshot death of peaceful young farmer

PJ police are today trying to understand what lies behind the apparent gunshot death of a ‘peaceful farmer’.

The body of Cláudio Sérgio Nascimento – described as ‘one of the calmest people’ in his village “who never bothered anyone” – was recovered from the waters of the Tua river where he had been fishing.

He had been shot in the head.

Shocked locals suggest it may have been a hunting accident.

It may even have been an accident that the perpetrator isn’t aware of.

Explain reports, 32-year-old Cláudio died on Sunday (a traditional hunting day). Hunters are known to frequent the area in the Mirandela where he died, but as his body fell into the river, it’s possible whoever fired the shot didn’t even see him.

The young man’s autopsy being undertaken today may shed more light on this mystery.

All that is known for sure is that Cláudio went fishing in the morning and never came home. A search party sent out last night discovered the spot where he had been fishing and identified traces of blood.

GNR police remained at the scene to ensure it remained secure, and it was shortly after that the young man’s body was discovered floating nearby.

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