Murder mystery at the Hotel Garbe

The Hotel Garbe will be hosting its next murder mystery dinner at the Raj Indian restaurant on January 16.

The event will include a three-course Indian meal with wine and coffee for 29 euros, which includes a charitable donation to the APAA animal charity.

Before the first course is served, individual booklets are distributed, setting the scene of a recent fictitious murder.

Characters are informed of their whereabouts when the crime occurred.

One person at each table is secretly allocated the part of the murderer while the task of the others is to work out who did it.

Prizes will be awarded for best costume and for those who can stay in character throughout the evening.

The first murder mystery event, which was held in November, raised 250 euros for the APAA.

Participants must book in advance, when they will be allotted character roles.

Please contact the Hotel Garbe on 282 320 260.