Murder in Monsanto: police confirm tests on dead Brazilian’s body

Forensic tests on the decomposed body of a middle-aged man whose body was found in a Lisbon park last week have confirmed the man was murdered.

Believed to have been the body of a 49-year-old Brazilian, the body was found “half naked” in shrubbery in the capital’s Monsanto park.

For now, the circumstances of the crime are unclear but the PJ’s homicide division is understood to be in charge of the case.

Meantime more gruesome murders have hit the headlines.

In the Algarve, an unrecognisable body was found in a burnt-out Audi 80 parked near Silves’ Funcho dam, and back near the capital a man thought to be in his 30s was found shot four times in the head and back and laid out “like Jesus Christ on the cross” beside a cemetery in Sintra.

In this latter case, police are working on the theory that it was a drug-related killing.

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