Murder hunt ends with discovery of new body

The 10-day hunt for a woman’s murderer ended with the discovery of his body in a disused building on scrubland in Barreiro yesterday.

Manuel Ribeiro had been dead for “a maximum of five days”, writes Correio da Manhã. Thus he is almost certain to have eluded police for just as many days, after shooting his ex-wife Isabel in the head as she went out into the street from her employer’s home.

The discovery of Ribeiro’s body has calmed nerves in his local community, where many were said to be “living in fear” of reprisal attacks.“Our nightmare and that of many others is over,” Isabel’s son Manuel wrote on social media yesterday.

CM claims police are convinced Ribeiro had been helped in the days immediately following the killing.

Someone must have given him shelter, and food – as agents had apparently searched the area where his body was found, and there had been no traces of him there at that time.

Ribeiro was described as being found with a gun alongside him.

It is not known if the gun was the same one used to kill his former partner, but CM writes that he is believed to have used it on himself, to commit suicide.

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