Municipal kennels need more vets and trained staff, recommends Parliament

Portugal could soon have an official network of municipal kennels to ensure better conditions for animals, more adoption and sterilisation campaigns, and fewer animal slaughters.

The suggestion was put forward by ecologist party ‘Os Verdes’ in Parliament, which is now recommending that the government implements these guidelines in all of the country’s kennels.

‘Os Verdes’ say the document should be “immediately” published in the government’s official newspaper Diário da República.

The proposal says kennels should avoid putting animals down except in “very few cases”, such as when the animal is in “irremediable pain” or for “public health reasons”.

“Municipalities should be given the funding to hire employees with adequate training and sensibility to treat animals, as well as have more vets in charge,” continues the proposal.

It also says kennels need to be inspected more regularly and that the government must ensure all animals are microchipped and sterilised, while also promoting campaigns on how to care for adopted animals.

Earlier this month, GNR police in Seia, Guarda, were tipped off about alleged animal mistreatment at the local municipal kennel, over the lack of veterinary treatment and the illegal killing of animals through drowning and asphyxiation.

Loulé council is also looking into last year’s complaints about its municipal kennel, dubbed “a living hell for animals” whose conditions were “appallingly inhumane” (click here: Loulé ‘hell’ kennel exposed).