Multiple-implant ‘pile up’ leaves woman “unable to kiss husband or children”

A disastrous trip to the dentists left a Porto woman with a semi-paralysed mouth, making it impossible for her to eat, drink or even kiss properly.

Maria Irene Leite’s decision to get 11 dental implants even led to her losing her job.

A court heard how the implants were not only badly-slanted, one exerted so much pressure on a nerve that the numbness she feels is now irreversible.

The fact that a dentist would even agree to performing 11 implants at the same time is being referred meantime to the Order of medical dentists.

Meantime, Bolhão court has ordered CEMPRE clinic and the dentist in question to pay damages of 100,000 euros.

Leaving court this week, Jaime Perdigão, the lawyer representing the 58-year-old Maria Irene said: “We are satisfied with the courts decision”.

The dentist, understood to be considering an appeal, was further condemned to a suspended jail sentence of 18 months.

His ‘victim’ had told the court: “I feel constantly anaesthetised. I cannot eat or even drink properly. I was fired because of this, and suffered depression. I am embarrassed for people to see me, and can’t even give my husband a kiss, or kiss my children”.

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